Promise Scholars & Y.E.S.!

Promise Scholars Is Where…

the community comes together to strengthen our region by encouraging our students to pursue an education after high school. Educators, businesses, and local leaders come together to introduce students and parents to the opportunities available after high school and make sure students get on the education pathway to achieve their goals. When we help them become successful and contributing adults, our entire region benefits from a brighter, more productive future.

In the 2019-2020 School year: 

5th Graders visited their first community college

6th graders who learned from business leaders that presented on their college and career pathways

8th Graders visited a 4-year university and learned about preparing for college

9th Graders that learned about their personality strengths and related careers to explore

City of Ontario Class of 2020 students access college financial aid


The Promise Scholars initiative is a partnership between the Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) and Chaffey Joint Union High School District along with Chaffey Community College, California State University San Bernardino, California State University Bakersfield, Cal Poly Pomona, and University of La Verne. Promise Scholars works closely with City of Ontario, Inland Empire United Way, and local businesses to help students achieve their college and career dreams.  Promise Scholars is one of the first universal comprehensive college going programs of its kind in San Bernardino County.

In 2013, Promise Scholars received the League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award of Excellence and recently was selected by the Bill & Melinda Grants Foundation to take part in their “To and Through” Advising Challenge Initiative.

College access is supported by a promise of scholarship assistance for all OMSD students who finish high school through the Chaffey Joint Union High School District and go on to one of the partner colleges. The Promise Scholars Scholarship is for OMSD students graduating from a CJUHSD high school in 2016 and all successive OMSD students, who attend one of these higher education institutions. Over 400 students have signed up for the scholarship in 2018. The Promise Scholars also includes a commitment to help students as they progress from elementary to middle to high school, and then on to college, with field trips to colleges, parent presentations, college fairs, and assistance with college applications and financial aid forms.  Promise Scholars works closely with the City of Ontario to implement their Ontario Community College Promise which provides two years of tuition to any California Community College (OCCP link here).

While students continue to require the basics of a K-12 education, Promise Scholars will ensure more students have access to higher education and technical training so they have the skills to be prepared for the future, for themselves, their families, and their community. Advanced education and technical skills, means a more prepared workforce, which impacts higher-wage job development in the region. The bottom-line is that access to college benefits us all, and this work is a necessary part of preparing our communities for the future.

Youth Empowerment Scholarship Fund

The Youth Empowerment Scholarship Program (Y.E.S) was created in 2014  with the vision of providing recreation opportunities to all children, regardless of their family’s income.  The mission of the program is to expose, educate and enrich the lives of children in Ontario by providing them with experiences in programs such as sports, the arts, education and health.  Having a safe, healthy environment to learn, grow and play is what every child deserves and what we have committed to provide.


Since 2014, the Y.E.S! Scholarship Program has funded over 880 children.  Scholarships may be used towards any classes or programs that the City of Ontario Recreation & Community Services Department offers, including Lifeguard certification courses.  This program is solely funded by a portion of the net proceeds from the 5K Reindeer Run.  To find out more about this program, or to donate to the fund, please call (909) 395-2365.